Top 15 Amazon Product Research Tools in 2021

Top Amazon Product Research Tools

Tools play a vital role in the Amazon business and make our job easier. The tools used for Amazon also speed up our work. Moreover, using these tools, we can quickly find products and list them on Amazon. With the help of Amazon tools, we can do many things like product search, high-ranking keyword research, and brand research ETC.

With Amazon Product Research Tools, we can spy on our competitors, monitor product and price, and monitor the stock of any product in the market. Top 15 Amazon Product Research Tools in 2021 article is especially for those who want to become successful sellers on Amazon with great ease and speed. In this article, we will learn about the tools used in Amazon that can make your life easier and make your day’s work in minutes.

1. Jungle Scout Web App

What is the hottest product on Amazon these days? If you do not have the answer, this is because you do not have the Jungle Scout tool. Jungle Scout web app is the best tool in the market that gives the best results for product hunting.

What can Jungle Scout do for you in the Amazon business? This allows us to navigate Amazon’s internal database and filter the data to get custom results. It allows us to filter Amazon data quickly to find the best products that can give us a profit.

With Jungle Scout, we can track what our competitors are doing. It allows us to plan our business, and we can plan our price and other activities by looking at our competitors.

chrome extensions jungle scout

Jungle Scout also has a chrome extension that allows us to view product details on any product page, such as Review Count, Estimated Sales, Basic Sales Rank, Rating, etc. Jungle Scout runs in the cloud, so there is no need to download any other software.

2. Helium 10 App & Helium 10 Chrome Extension

Helium 10 is a Best Amazon Product Research Tool. Helium 10 App and Helium 10 chrome extension is a multi-function tool that includes many tools such as Blackbox and Cerebro ETC. This is a product Research and keyword research tool. It allows us to optimize product listings, track trends and find high-ranking keywords for our products. Using Helium 10, we can find our choice which has better BSR and monthly sales and can give the best profit. Helium 10 also has a Chrome extension, and we can use it in this free trial in which we can do twenty searches for free.

In Helium 10, Black Box, we can filter and find the products of our choice very quickly and in less time. The result obtained through it contains all the product information, including its rating, reviews, BSR, monthly sales, number of sellers ETC. In addition, we can put filters in the Helium 10 black box to find products that Amazon is not selling. Similarly, we can search for products by selecting FBA sellers, FBM sellers, and many more options in this filter. Using helium Cerebro, we can find high-ranking keywords for products.

Helium 10 chrome extension

3. Keepa In amz Celler Central

Keepa Helium 10 Jungle Scout

Keepa is also an excellent tool for product research in amz seller central. It is a modern tool used to search for products and view all kinds of data related to them. It is also effortless to use because it is not difficult for the user to understand when it shows results.

This tool shows the graph related to the product with the help of, we can analyze this product at high speed, see the sellers and their number. In addition, this graph contains BSR, List Price, New Third Party FBM, FBA, Buybox History, and many more such details.

With the help of the Keepa tool, we can search products with great speed and find profitable products by adding filters at will. Keepa is one of the most widely used tools today to find products, sellers, and brands. This is a paid tool that is also available in the free trial version. The above mentioned features make this Best Amazon Product Research Tools.

4. Unicorn Smasher

Unicorn Smasher is a free and fantastic amazon product research tool that plays a vital role in product research. AMZ Tracker has created it for product research. This is a Chrome extension. When we search for a product, there are many products shows in the result. When all the product shows are done, click on Unicorn Smasher Extension, this tool will analyze and show many data related to all these products, including product name, brand name, sellers quantity, variation, product price, Details of Category Name, Product Rank, Estimated Sales, Estimated Revenue, Reviews, Ratings, and FBA Sellers are displayed.

The data that this tool has analyzed and given to us can also put a filter in it, and it can also be downloaded in the CSV file to analyze this data further and extract our desired product. This is great for fast-tracking Amazon products which we can quickly see the product-related data according to our category.

5. Feedback Genius by SellerLabs

Positive reviews play an essential role in the ranking of any product. So if most people give positive reviews on your product, then your product will sell better. We need tools like “Feedback Genius” to get positive feedback. This tool contacts customers and encourages them to give their feedback.

We can put filters in this tool and automate it to send emails to customers when needed. With the help of the feedback genius tool, we can also create blacklists so that unwanted customers are not mailed. This tool has a thirty-day free trial that we can use. Feedback Genius is part of a more extensive software seller lab, which includes many more Amazon software.

6. Merchant Words

Merchant Words is also a keyword research tool that has an extensive keywords database. This tool also captures keywords from other marketplaces to use this tool to find the best keywords that are not possible with any other tool. The Merchant Words tool tracks keywords from different countries to get the best results. One of the unique features of Merchant Tool is that it uses Artificial Intelligence which allows us to find keywords that help us increase our sales. It serves as a support for Amazon product research tools.

It is also a paid tool that starts at about 30 $ per month.


7. camelcamelcamel

Cemelcamelcamel is a handy tool. It tracks product pricing on Amazon. We can use it to watch the product. This tool alerts us via email when the price of a product drops. This tool also shows us the price chart of a product. Camelcamelcamel also has a browser plugin that displays price charts in your browser.

Camelcamelcamel helps to find the biggest discount in any category. We can create a free account through Facebook or Google

8. also has an advanced tool that helps you optimize the price of your product on Amazon. This tool creates the best strategy for your product with which we control the price of our product. updates our product pricing based on market pricing. With, we can also integrate some of Amazon’s other tools that help us perform our routine tasks. Makes our job easier and keeps doing what we have to do automatically. This tool also provides us with sales data reports that require immediate action. This tool allows us to optimize our sales strategy and find opportunities to increase our profits. is a paid tool that charges around a hundred dollars a month. In addition to annual billing, we can use this tool which reduces its fees a bit.

9. AMZ Tracker

Amazon Bussiness

Keywords are essential in search engine optimization; similarly, keywords are just as important in Amazon’s search engine. It is. People use it every day to search for products by keywords because people use keywords to find a product. So make sure your product ranks with the right keywords. With AMZ Tracker we can get keyword tracking report which shows us where our product is ranking in Amazon search engine.

AMZ also helps in conversion. This will allow us to find out why our product is not being sold. That way we can improve our marketing. With AMZ Tracker, we can find long-tail keywords, get negative review alerts and analyze competitors. AMZ Tracker alerts us if someone tries to hijack your product list. We can also use the AMZ tracker for a seven-day free trial.

10. Keyword Inspector

Keyword Inspector Tool is a suite of tools that includes many tools related to Amazon. It has a popular reverse ASIN keyword tool that can be used to find keywords ranked on an ASIN. The reverse AISN keyWord tool includes not only the results of the USA but also the results of many countries like the UK, Mexico, Italy, India, Australia, Japan, and Germany.

The Keyword Inspector also has another tool indexing tester that helps the purchaser find the product in the target market. This tool helps to find long keyword tools and ensures the visibility of your product in Amazon search. The Keyword Inspector tool also has a Keyword Trend tool that helps you find keywords. It provides keywords that users use to search for products. With the help of Keyword Inspector, we can find long-tail keywords in Amazon, which we can use in our product content to optimize the product.

11. Scope

Scope helps find high-ranking keywords for products that can help us improve our Amazon search rank. The scope is a great Amazon Keywords tool. Scope, like Keyword Inspector, offers ASIN lookups. Using this offer, we can see the estimated sales per keyword, average CPC bid, and many more details.

Scope provides fees, sales estimates and prices for any product listing. We can also use this tool to search broadly or filter based on the number of sellers, or search based on sales rank, star rate or reviews. There is also a Chrome extension of the Scope tool that allows us to save products and keywords. Chrome extensions can be used for free. Scope Tool also has a profit calculator with which we can estimate the profit margin. Scope Tool is a paid tool that charges monthly.

12. RepricerExpress

With the RepricerExpress tool we can match the price of our product with the price of our competitor. In this way, after matching the price of our competitor, we can formulate a strategy on what price we should take to get quality or higher sales. 

With the RepricerExpress tool, we can become successful sellers on Amazon and eBay. Using RepricerExpress, we can increase Amazon’s sales and profits. If our product is not getting a buy box, then with the help of this tool, we can automatically set the price, which increases our chances of getting a buy box.

RepricerExpress tool also has the option that we can ignore the price of all or some of the competitors. It is also a paid tool with a monthly fee of about fifty-five dollars. This tool is also available in a 15-day free trial version.

13. Amazooka

Amazoka is an auto-responder tool that automatically communicates with customers, thus helping them to get five stars from customers. Amazoka also monitors products and spies on competitors’ products. It monitors our product keywords and also checks product reviews. Amazoka also has an ad tracking option. If we use PPC to increase our sales at Amazon, this tool gives us real-time analytics about our campaign.

This tool provides us with a dashboard on which our marketing efforts are displayed. This tool emails us reports about our products to be aware of our products and keep analyzing sales. The tool can be used with a seven-day free trial, and its monthly charges range from sixty to five hundred dollars.

14. IO Scout

IO Scout is a Chrome extension that provides the necessary statistics. Through it, we can see Quickly Seller Details, Product Fees, Estimated Sales, and Revenue. It is also a product research tool with which we can quickly get many product details. This allows us to track a particular product by adding it.

15. ZonGuru

ZonGuru is also an excellent tool to help you find top-selling products and suppliers. This will allow us to find the best market opportunities. With this tool, we can find the best suppliers and sources from them. This way, we can get the product at the best price in the market.

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