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This article is for those people who want to learn about methods which bring any site to the first position in Google. In this article, we will give an outline of the methodology of On Page SEO, after which we will discuss them in detail in the next posts. The purpose of this article is that peoples who have just created a new website can become familiar with the methods they can learn and use in their site to make it Google friendly.

As SEO Expert, this is necessary to know there is no enchanted way to rank Your Website on the First Page of Search Engines likes Google, Yahoo or Bing. There are many ways to rank a site that we can use to bring any site of Google to the first page.

Search Engines are administered by compound algorithms and techniques to rank the site. A good time and Method is required to list the sites.

However, there are specific rules you can follow to optimize your site and give the signals search engines to boost the site. Website is going top with the use of search engine optimization techniques.

Search Engine Optimization Techniques

Here describe some Search Engine Optimization Techniques definition; after this, we explain these techniques with detail. If you implement these procedures in your site, then any website can be brought to Google’s top rank.

Take the time to find the best article for Best On Page SEO

Experts say that SEO starts before the site is created. There are three types of websites, depending on the Topic. 

I.Multi Topic Website

This type of site takes a lot of work and time to rank in Google. A multi-topic website is a site built on many topics, and its pages are based on different topics.

II.Niche Website

Websites like these are built on a topic that is easy to boost on Google.

III.Micro Niche Website

In these types of sites, one more short title is captured within a title. For example, cricket is a title and a small title can be selected from within it, such as a site on a cricketer life.

Tip 1:

So choose a topic you can work on, and you have a lot of data about that topic. Usually, it is better to create Niche website or site Micro Niche website because it can be ranked in Google in less time.

Website hosting 

A web hosting service is a company that provides services and technologies for our website, through these technologies website pages displayed on the Internet. To get a web hosting service, select a hosting company with the maximum uptime. Uptime of the best hosting company is 99.9. This means that the downtime is too low.

Very thoughtful about choosing a web hosting company because choosing a good hosting company will make our site more time-consuming for users, and the website will be available to users for 24 hours.

Tip 2:

Good web hosting helps get the best traffic to the website.

Best Domain Name

The Best domain name is based on the main keywords of the site so try adding main keywords or part of a keyword to your topic in your domain name. If that is not possible, then the domain name must be a brand name, meaning easy to understand. The domain name should be based on one or two words, not too long. That way the domain name of the website will be easy to remember for users.

It’s best, not to put your name in the domain name, because that type of domain names are not much better.

Tip 3:

The domain name should not be long more than one or two words and easy to understand and remember.

Keyword Research

On Page SEO Learning
On Page SEO Techniques

One of the critical tasks behind site selection is keyword research. There are many tools used for this purpose that allow us to gather a lot of information about keywords. The following are popular tools used for keyword research; an outline about these tools is being presented to help you understand the purpose of these tools. We’ll read these tools in detail in the next Topics.

I. Google Trend

With this tool we can check two things, what is the position of our keyboard And in what countries or region our keywords are searched.

II. Google Planner

The best keywords play an important role in ranking any website. There are many tools used to find keywords, and Google Planner is a great tool out of them. This tool is free to use. This is a Google tool, so a Gmail account is required to use

With this tool, we can find keywords whose search volume is high and with less competition between related sites.

The keywords with High Search Volume and Low Competition are perfect for ranking a website in a short time.

III. Ubersuggest’s Free Keyword Tool

It is also a useful tool for keyword research. There is a lot more information about search engine optimization.


This tool gives us keywords similar to our keyword. With this tool, we pick relevant keywords.


This tool also used to search for keywords. This tool provides data about keywords from Bing, Yahoo, Amazon and YouTube.


We can also search the keywords for your site from the Google search engine. If we examine our keywords in Google Engine, then similar keywords are found at the bottom of the page, which is more searched in Google Engine.

Besides, many tools are used for this purpose; we will also discuss these tools in detail.

Tip 3:

With the use of tools above discussed, we can find the most searched keywords. We should use the keywords in our post that search most frequently in search engines and that keyword have low competition.

If we put better content into our websites than competitor’s websites, we can make Google ranking better than them.

Setting Up Website

After the keyword research, the website created, and in the meantime, there are settings for the site, which are SEO friendly. 

I. Make the Menu Bar

When creating a website, make the menu bar essential for your website’s main subject this makes the site quite SEO friendly, and when Google comes to the homepage of the site, it finds out what type of data is in the website and Google can index that data.

II. Essential SEO Setting for WordPress

  • Go to WordPress Setting then go back to General setting and give your site title in Specific location to this page.
  • Enter a useful tag of about five words on this page and in “Blog Post Show At most” select 7 or 8 Post.
  • In “For each article in a feed show” select Summery. This setting is perfect in terms of search engine optimization.
  • Install either the Yoast SEO or the All In One Seo plugin. These plugins are handy for website SEO.
  • In SEO Plugin Specific portion write a home title and description. The title is approximately three words, and the description should not be more than 150 words.
  • Type the keywords in the SCO Plugin setting and select capitalize option in this section.
  • Select only the “post title” in the post title format; selecting a post title will benefit when it searched on Google; only the relevant keyword will appear. That is, the user will see exactly what they need; this thing makes the site SCO friendly.
  • In the bottom, one place in WordPress Setting update services is written. Our website aware of these services when we post something this shows all the services that the site has updated. Clicking on an Update Services link given in this option will go to the Update Services page. Copy and paste all services from here into the Update Services option in WordPress setting so that when you update the website, all the services are known and will update it in their directories. That way, our post will be more active in the context of SEO. 

Tip 5:

Boosting a website requires that the keywords in the site be listed in the correct places and with correct quantity. Write a description under 150 characters about your article. Article title is less than 50 characters the number of keywords in the article should not be more than 3% and make your article internal links to other pages of your site. Make sure you use the main keyword in your article name.

website competitor analysis

For the best ranking of a website, we must know which websites are a competitor to our site. The easiest way to check this, enter your website’s keyword in the Google search engine, the websites that will show up in Google’s first page are our site’s compatriots. By thoroughly checking such sites, Seeing their shortcomings and strengths, make better Strategy for your website. This will increase our site’s rank, and the bonus rate will be better.

Tip 6:

Watch out for those who are your site’s compatriots. How much are their backlinks? How is their data? What are the pros and cons of their website?. Put better content from these websites into your website and try to create more backlinks. Doing so may make your site rank better than them.

Important Tips for Article Writing

Google looks at all the posts in a site separately, and they look different on Google searches. Therefore, each post should use its keywords in the appropriate amount. Do not publish the same post twice, and if you want to write more about a topic, update the first post. Updating your post improves post’s ranking in Google; however, duplicate posting reduces your post’s ranking.

Make sure you use the primary keyword in the title of the article. An article must be at least 500 words; it is better if it is more than 500 words that way, it will become SEO friendly. By having more data in the Article, Google finds more keywords to search. When writing an article, divide it into three parts. In the first part of the article, write “Introduction” about Your Topic. In the second part of article write detail Description about the topic. In the last section, write a summary of the article.

Headings In Article

Keywords should be used in article headings because Google checks and crawl headings. Headings are essential in terms according to SEO because Google thinks they contain particular data. First heading, which is also the title of the article, should not be longer than 50 characters because when Google shows it in its page, it shows about 50 characters.

Keyword Density

Cannot use the keyword two times in the main title because it comes in spanning, and the Google algorithm does not like it. The amount of keywords in an article is called Keyword Density. The keyword quantity should not exceed 3% of the volume of any article. This means that if an article is 500 words, it can be used up to 15 times.

Keyword prominence

Keyword prominence means which place is best to write keywords in the article so that it becomes SEO friendly. The title of the Article is the best place to use keyword. Also, there are many other suitable places to use keywords like permalink, subheading, images and body of the article. This is extremely good for website boosting in Google search if you use the keywords in the above places. This called the best keyword prominence.

Keyword Proximity

Google looks at several factors to rank any keyword. If there is another word between the main keywords, its proximity decreases. For example, “SEO Techniques” is the main keyword of the article. If the word “tips” is put in the middle of the main keyword, now it becomes “SEO Tips and Techniques”. In this way, the distance between the main words has increased and this is not better for keyword ranking. If there is no distance between the main words of keyword, it’s called 100 % keyword Proximity.


When we write an article, It contains some words or headings about which we have already posted an article on our website. Now in the new article, we create a link to such terms or headings so that if the user wants to read the details about them, click on it and jump to this page. This means that any other page of your website is linked to this page this called Interlinking.

This is like a relevant door that opens on another page of your site. These links play a vital role to boost the page.

Image Optimization     

Images play a significant role for boosting a site in search Engines. Therefore, every page of the website must have at least 2 to 3 images. Create your image to add in the website page because placing pictures created by others can result in a copyright issue. Free images are also available on many websites on Google that have no copyright issue but use those images after some changing according to your site. Don’t use too large images; they decrease the loading speed of your website. This is why before uploading the Images in a website, Optimize and resizes them.

After Optimizing image, rename it with the main keyword of the article and also use keyword in an alternate text when adding the images in the website. This makes it easier for Google to rank the website.

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